Commission a Portrait

A painted portrait is a very human way of capturing someone, their true character and beauty in a thousand marks, tones and colours. A portrait adds gravitas to a moment in someone’s life and reminds onlookers for centuries to come of the person depicted, shedding light on who they are or were.

Each sitter is unique so I look for those key characteristics in their face to anchor the image and get the accurate representation you’re looking for. I’ve been trained classically so I use a mix of techniques from the Baroque period combined with a modern impressionistic approach. The result is a well defined, characterful image with a myriad of fragrant and bold colours that all our faces are made up of.

Prior to painting, I make an appointment with the sitter and take my own reference photos although I do sometimes work from quality photographs where that meeting isn’t possible. In the weeks that follow I work from the photo, painting onto a handmade, 6 times gessoed canvas or gessoed wooden panel. Oils are my medium of choice; they give you the richest, deepest colour quality and I personally like the flow of the paint. To ensure your painting will last the test of time, I use archival and lightfast paints. Further to that, I stick as closely as possible to historic oil painting methods as we know these materials are natural and last.

Winning the Royal Academy of Art’s ‘Richard Ford Award’ award granted me an exclusive permit to study the masters  in the Museo Del Prado, Madrid for a month. It was there I came to love Velazquez who remains a major inspiration but Mariano Fortuny y marsal, Klimt and contemporary methods of oil painting influence the technique I’ll use for your painting.

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