Richard Ford Award

In 2012, as winner of the Richard Ford Award for draughstmanship, I was given the opportunity to spend a month at the Museo Del Prado, Madrid. The gallery/museum contains a huge body of work of which Velazquez and Goya feature very prominently. The scholarship is intended to give artists under 30 the chance to pore over great works of art and make sketches from them. I was introduced to artists I never knew about but now admire-such as the impressionist Sorolla. I also got a more rounded sense of Goya and his artwork-his body of work is so diverse and rich that he’s become one of my favourite artists.

Below are some of the pieces I did for the scholarship.

Painting of Velazquez’ ‘Juan de Pareja’. Photo courtesy of Caroline Goddard

Watercolour of Velazquez’ The Spinners


Sketch of a Goya tapestry painting


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